Sunday, 19 February 2017

Thinking Skills - The Hat Challenge

What would you wear if you met someone really important?

Our milliners (Year 5 students) were commissioned to design a hat (or fascinator) that would be suitable for an audience with the Queen.  It had to look good and fit well.

Well, that should've been easy, right?
Think again.

The only materials our milliners had access to were sheets of newspaper and Cellotape.
The biggest problem?
They had LESS THAN AN HOUR to design and construct their creations for this most auspicious event. They had to co-operate, be innovative, and adapt their designs as they encountered technical and design-based obstacles.

Well, so how did they go?

Naturally, they smashed it.  Check out Jasmine, Nessa  (with Nadia) and Samuel.
You guys are too too awesome!

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