Sunday, 10 December 2017

Presentations Galore

Karthiga and Sophie developed a system that ensures balls come off the roof and are not left stuck in drains.  They would promote their product using a series of radio interviews.  Copy and paste this link to youtube to watch their ad.
Advertising material for Ball-offer-roofer
The nano tech computer by Brayden - charged using recycled batteries.  Great thinking, Brayden.
The Remindanator helps you remember your homework, library books etc.  It uses a nifty keypad and storage system.  What a fabulous idea! Sign me up for one pronto! :-)
Using solar panels, this invention revolutionises mail collection.  Brayden has developed a Scratch game as a slick marketing gimmick.  He also made a series of pop-up ads.  Great work!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Technology Presentations

Olivia and Angie share their prototype.  In the background you can see their original design concept.
'The Dooranator' uses the power of magnets to secure and release students from their classroom studies.  A quirky invention by Carol and Fiona

Advertising campaign for 'The Litternator' by Angie and Olivia

Technology Presentations

Computers are incredibly helpful, however they are not capable of creative thinking as a means of problem solving.  As part of our Inquiry unit, the fantastic kids in Room 2 have been working hard, researching and developing new ways of solving age old problems .

Weeks have been spent constructing their inventions; producing advertising campaigns and writing pitches.

Finally we have started presenting.  This is the fun part, and everyone loves fun!

'Make-up Gun' by Nicholas.  Nicholas conducted research and discovered women spend between ten and sixty minutes applying make-up every day.  He took inspiration from The Simpsons and designed this time saving device
'The Equipment Collector' by Jacob and Travis.  This clever device seeks out lost items and then stores them safely until they can be retrieved.
A.P.F. (Automatic Pet Feeder) by Liam.  This invention is equipped with a firing device that shoots out food for cats, dogs and pet rodents.  Inspired!
Cam Ed. (Camera Education) by Ruby and Nadia.   These creative girls also built a website to market their invention.  Well done!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Creativity is King

'Ball off the Roofer' by Soph and Karthiga
'Mail Collector and Deliverer' by Brayden
The 'Ding-a-ling a-Bot' by Nessa
Marketing Team at work
Manufacturers at work ... and play
On the assembly line

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Creative Chaos

Mrs. Venville talks design with Ruby
Working together in order to lighten the load
Careful construction by Jasmine

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A Hive of Creative Activity in Room 2

Jacob and Travis are working on their concept.
Olivia and Angie are in the process of constructing their robot.
Carol is designing a slide show as part of her advertising campaign
Nicholas is working on his 'make up gun'.
Ever the perfectionist, Brayden works on his prototype