Sunday, 10 December 2017

Presentations Galore

Karthiga and Sophie developed a system that ensures balls come off the roof and are not left stuck in drains.  They would promote their product using a series of radio interviews.  Copy and paste this link to youtube to watch their ad.
Advertising material for Ball-offer-roofer
The nano tech computer by Brayden - charged using recycled batteries.  Great thinking, Brayden.
The Remindanator helps you remember your homework, library books etc.  It uses a nifty keypad and storage system.  What a fabulous idea! Sign me up for one pronto! :-)
Using solar panels, this invention revolutionises mail collection.  Brayden has developed a Scratch game as a slick marketing gimmick.  He also made a series of pop-up ads.  Great work!

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