Thursday, 9 February 2017

In the ongoing saga of Life in Room 2...

Episode 2

While our heroine, Mrs Wallace, continues to amaze with her slick teaching techniques....

Sophie shows the cricket ball who's boss and bowls out three members of Room 3 (in a row!) when playing inter- class cricket.  You're amazing, Sophie!  Hip hip hooray!  Teacher nearly passes out with all the excitement and has to remind herself to breathe.

Jared astounds his teacher with his ability to single-handedly sort the class into order (during the cricket game) and then ensures morale remains high by whooping, leaping and praising his classmates continually.  Such high empathy and energy, Jared.  Rock on!

The humble BaiLin provides swimming tips to those who require technique adjustment.  Mrs Wallace watches on in awe and takes notes, celebrating the benefits of peer to peer teaching.  So proud of you, mate.  I suspect you might be the next Mark Bone.

Tune in for our next episode of ...

Life in Room 2

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