Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Have you heard the one about the kids who got to design their own camp?

What collaboration looks like in Room 2

Well, the kids had a great time, got the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing and worked effectively in teams.

Bad joke ... but seriously good learning experience.  

At face value the level of thinking for this project might not seem very complicated, but consider these questions ...

What kind of activities should school camps provide?
How much space does a horse arena require?  
Where would you put the camp toilets, and how close should these facilities be to the sleeping area?

How do you most effectively show a lot of information on a single map?
How do you show the physical space between zones?
How do you best negotiate in a group environment to ensure your ideas are included in plans?
How do you market your camp to schools?

More thinking than you first thought, right?
In Room 2 we are not intimidated by these kinds of thinking tasks. We take it all in our stride because that's just the way we roll.  
A big thank you to Mrs Turner who supported Mrs Wallace in the development of this idea.  You rock, Mrs Turner.


  1. Thank you for your great lesson. Lovely to see kids smiling. I like the way your questions elicit student thinking and ideas !! They are obviously having fun!

  2. Hi Sally, Thank you for the feedback. I want the kids to enjoy their learning. I love seeing them deeply engaged, and bursting with enthusiasm. I love it when they are excited and impatient to get on with their camp plans. It's nice when I can stand aside (knowing that I have them 'on board'), and can let them just go for it! :-) Happy days.