Thursday, 17 August 2017

Creating a menu to sate a leprechaun ... and get him talking about all his secrets

Here's a taste tester (get it?) of some of menus, and portions of menus, that were created by the kids in order to charm the leprechaun that visited.

A significant amount of research went into creating the perfect menu, considerable thought went into using language to get his greedy little mouth watering, while an attractive page layout sealed the deal. Our leprechaun was more than happy to submit to being interviewed.  (Some of the interviews have been put on our blog, so, if you're curious, scroll down.

We all ordered from the menus that were presented.  Few could go past the mini shepherd's pie

Carrageen pudding anyone?  Ruby, I loved the addition of the shamrock

Front of Jacob's menu

Fine fare on offer at Irish Dream

A portion of Angie's menu.  When we placed our orders (imagining we were seated in the restaurant) most passed on the black pudding offering!

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