Sunday, 26 March 2017

Eco-friendly Resorts - in the midst of the action...

Our islands are slowly taking form with paint now being applied, and our vision for creating eco-friendly and sustainable resorts is being fleshed out.  Yay and super yay!

As you can see, the kids are working hard (even hosting Room 6 this afternoon).  All of the groups have identified the problems that lead to pressure on our natural environment and are offering up solutions to minimise the impact of tourists on the land. Many have even incorporated ideas and systems that will result in positive change. 

Brayden is planning on using tourist guides who will provide education on rare plants and the marine reserve, and almost every group is choosing to plant gardens where fruit and vegetables will be grown and harvested.  If you don't fancy using a long drop, you may not want to visit Ishika's island, but if sleeping under canvas is something you'd consider, then perhaps you'd like to visit Joseph's?  I have heard rumours those staying at Jacob's island will be sleeping in hollowed out trees... I'm looking forward to seeing that design!

This week we will continue to work on our documents that lay out what we are trying to achieve. The kids will be encouraged to research how alternative energy systems work and will learn that New Zealand is considered a leader when it comes to the use of our natural resources to keep the lights on, and the internet running.  (Gee whiz, imagine a world with no internet! Totally shocking!  Doesn't bear thinking about.)

For extra photos, feel free to follow this link to the awesome Miss Coffer's blog:

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