Monday, 13 March 2017

An Island is born ...

Whereas Maui pulled the North Island from the sea, and volcanoes erupt (creating new land), in Room 2 we are crafting our island the old fashioned way - using papier mache and elbow grease.
            The islands we are constructing represent the ones we were marooned on in our Robinson Crusoe Challenge.  Now saved (probably as a consequence of those essential items we packed), we have returned to our islands as guardians.  We can use the land for tourism, but we cannot abuse it, or damage it in any way.
            We want visitors to come on over, but we also want to ensure that sustainable practices are adopted in the management of our island. We want to protect our island, so, it'll be eco-friendly initiatives all round!
         We are currently researching world-wide problems like pollution, and then providing solutions that will ensure our islands remain healthy. Many of us are currently researching alternative energy and power sources; most have decided to ban plastics completely, and some groups have even set up marine reserves, and breeding programmes (for endangered tropical species) as they want to give back to the world that looks after them.
           In terms of learning, we are having to do a lot of  research on the negative impact of pollution, but then we need to think about how we can use this information in making critical choices that will ensure our islands remain clean and green.  This exercise is about the application of knowledge, and making learning purposeful; this is not learning for learning's sake.

Watch this space as our mission to build our islands continues.

Our islands are currently under construction, so watch this space.  We are also using the Cornell Method to take notes on sustainability and eco-friendly practice.

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