Wednesday, 21 June 2017

She'll be 'right mate!

What does kiwi culture look like?  

Today the kids had to brainstorm what kiwi culture looks like.  They formed into groups of four, where the rules dictated no discussion was allowed.  Each person had to contribute to the list their ideas on what our culture looks like. Piece of cake, right?  Yeah, nah bro.    
          A voting system was then used to decide on the five most important items on the list. (The photos attached were taken prior to the voting process.)  The kids did not know it then, but from tomorrow they will begin shaping a marketing campaign that will promote New Zealand culture and identity to an international audience. Reckon it'll be sweet as, but they'll have to go hard out, eh?
        The kids will have to decide on a marketing strategy and then present their ideas to a panel that will consist of the teacher (me!) and three of their peers (whose names will be pulled from a hat).  Reckon that they'll be mint,eh?  It'll be choice cuz!
              As part of their campaign, they will have to sell the idea of New Zealand's unique culture, and so in keeping with this, we will also be looking at Kiwi colloquialisms/slang and iconic New Zealand attractions (specifically the kiwi obsession with sculptures of big fruit, veges and animals).   
          Selling our natural beauty would be too easy.  Here's hoping they'll be all good. 

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