Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Design Thinking and Innovation

Fiona holding her first prototype.  The inside of this wallet is quite intricate
Yesterday the kids were focused on meeting the brief but now some of the more creative thinkers are stepping up and reaching out beyond it.  It is amazing the way some children see the problems they encounter as opportunities to apply innovative solutions and embrace the challenge. Coin holders, security clasps, and clever compartments for hiding shopping lists and private 'stuff' are now being added by the creative and divergent thinkers  - all with the intention of making their wallet stand out. They were never told to do any of these things; the only expectation was that they meet the brief.  
      Tomorrow some of the kids will start off their final version.  Some kids are still playing with prototypes and responding to the 'competition' by continuing to innovate and improve, improve, improve.
            Some of the kids don't want their designs outed by an appearance in this blog.  Sounds like classic R&D behaviour to me! ;-)

Allie is exceeding the brief.  She is including additional features so hers stands out against the other design
Brayden has included a clever clasp in his design, delivering beyond the requirement
BaiLin is thinking outside the box with his second design 

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